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Cage Accessories

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I highly recommend downloading this most up to date and informative Hedgehog Book compiled by Kimberly Goertzen. Your one stop source for hedgehog care. This book is available for Direct Download. Hedgehogs like to burrow and hide. Provide your little friend a cool hideout.   1. Super Pet Igloo:
  • made in translucent & durable plastic
  • easy to clean
  • odor Continue reading the story "Cage Accessories"
  • Hedgehog Snacks/Treats

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    Some recommendation for Hedgehog Snacks Hedgehog Snacks

    Nail Trimming

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    This seems to be a highly sought after topic especially with first time hedgehog owners.   An average time for trimming hedgehog's nails would be around 3 weeks.   Here are some photos to show you how your hedgehog's nails suppose to look the "normal" way. Always make sure to have kwik stop with you in case of accidents.   Nail TrimContinue reading the story "Nail Trimming"