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I recommend downloading this informative Hedgehog Book compiled by Kimberly Goertzen. Your one stop source for hedgehog care. This book is available for Direct Download.

Hedgehogs like to burrow and hide. Provide your little friend a cool hideout.

1. Super Pet Igloo:

  • made in translucent & durable plastic
  • easy to clean
  • odor and stain resistant
  • has fresh air-vents to ensure your pet’s health & well-being

2. Snuggle Sacks

  • made in translucent & durable plastic
  • easy to clean
  • soft and warm
  • washable and dryable

Running is a part of a hedgehog’s healthy lifestyle. So a wheel inside the cage is definitely A MUST. I’ve tried different kinds of wheels in the past, but there’s only 1 that I would highly recommend.

3. Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

  • easy to clean
  • smooth & silent that lets you sleep at night
  • no holes or grids to injure your hedgehogs feet


3. Tunnels of Fun

  • exterior is 100% cotton snuggle flannel or fleece
  • approx 17″ long w/o the cuffs, and approx 6″ for spacious crawling room
  • soft and warm
  • washable and dryable

4. FerreTrail Flex-E Funnel Toy

  • promoted healthy exercise that stimulates them
  • stretches and bends to create tunnels & hiding place your pet will love


5. Corner Litter Pans

  • designed to fit in cage corner and hook onto cage wires
  • easy to clean
  • available in assorted of colors


6. Critter Litter

  • safe and all natural
  • absorbs 10x its weight in water, soaks moisture
  • helps with potty training
  • 99% dust free

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