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It is important that you read this page in FULL.

You must fill out the adoption application if you are interested in a hedgehog. I will not sell a hedgehog to you unless I have an application on file.

You MUST be over 18 to fill out the adoption application!



Our price ranges from $300-$450. I specialize in exotic looking hedgehogs making my babies averages around $350. Babies with particularly desirable qualities may be priced higher. This includes facial pinto markings (i.e. split face, blaze, full pinto face, mismatched eyes or ears), high pinto, high snowflake and very dark coloration.

I reserve the right to adjust the price (up or down) once the color is evident.

PLEASE NOTE: We must charge a 13% HST on all sales for supplies and hedgehogs made on-site and on-line, as required by law for licensed businesses. The prices advertised on Hedgehog Ville are pre-tax.

I cannot guarantee color of any hedgehog!

There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 required to be put in our waiting list. Deposits may be made via Paypal, email money transfer or cash, but not by personal cheque or money order. If you are paying through Paypal you will cover the transfer fee (it’s 3%), so the amount you need to send if you opt for Paypal is $52 + tax = $58.76.  The deposit goes towards the overall cost of the hedgehog.

Upon approval of the application, we will email you when it is time to choose your new baby. We will give you 24hrs to choose your new baby and once chosen, you would need to pay the amount in FULL to hold your baby until they are ready to be picked up at 6-7 weeks old. If you cannot pick up your hedgehog at the time it’s suppose to leave, we are willing to hold it under boarding for $20 per day or $70 per week.


We offer shipping anywhere within Canada. Our method of transportation is Air Canada Cargo which is a flat rate of $245 using a specific meshed crate or WestJet $200 (tax included) regardless you are getting 1 or upto 6 hedgehogs, and they are open from April to October.


We do not sell to pet stores or wholesalers.

We will not sell opposite sex pairs to the same person, or to people within the same household, or to anyone that we believe might allow such a pair to interact (accidentally or otherwise). We recommend two females as the best choice in these cases, because they are more likely to get along and females from the same litter can be housed together.

We will only sell hedgehogs for breeding to established breeders that we have working relationships with.

When you purchase a baby from us, we encourage you to also purchase our quality hedgehog supplies. These items are designed for your hedgehog’s happiness, welfare, and safety and are available at competitive prices. If you do not choose to purchase a starter kit or the majority of your supplies from us, we may ask for photos of your full setup prior to the date of picking up your hedgehog. This is to ensure that the minimum requirements are being met. If we feel that your preparations are inadequate, we will request changes – these changes must be made before you will be approved to bring your baby home. This policy is for the sake of the hedgehogs.


We guarantee that all hedgehogs sold by us are free from any known and undisclosed illnesses or defects.

All buyers are expected to have their new hedgehog (regardless of age) examined by a licensed veterinarian who is experienced with hedgehogs, within 5 calendar days of the date of pickup. Failing to do so could nullify our guarantee.

I have a 6 month guarantee on my hedgehogs. I will replace your hedgehog if it dies within that time period. A vet necropsy must be provided stating that the hedgehog had a congenital problem (something it was born with or a hereditary problem). I will not replace a hedgehog if something happened to it due to negligence (hibernation), injury, improper diet, or illness that was not taken care of.

In the event of an unexpected death of your retired hedgehog within 6 months from the purchase date, a replacement hedgehog will be provided as close to the age and gender as possible. A vet necropsy must be provided stating that the hedgehog had a congenital problem (something it was born with or a hereditary problem). Should one not be available at the time, the adoption fee paid for the retired hedgehog will go towards the payment of a juvenile or hoglet, as they become available.

I also have a lifetime guarantee against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS). If your baby should develop WHS, they will be replaced at no charge with a new baby (except shipping/delivery costs). I will require a copy of a necropsy report showing positive WHS from a licensed veterinarian who has experience with WHS of my choice prior to replacing the baby.

In the event that your hedgehog has gotten mites, do NOT let the vet use IVERMECTIN. Tell them you want to use Revolution for Puppies instead. If Ivermectin has been used, the health guarantee will be void.


ALL Visitations are currently CLOSED until further notice due to COVID-19.

Clients who are “picking up” a hedgehog are the only ones allowed to drop by at this time.

We charge $25 per hour for Visitation. If you are serious in purchasing a hedgehog, the amount will be put towards the final price of your hedgehog.

If your sick.. please RESCHEDULE.


Hedgehog Ville retains partial ownership of all babies sold. When you purchase a hedgehog from us you are responsible for all care costs including housing, feeding, veterinary care, etc. However, if at any time you decide a hedgehog is not the right pet for you or circumstances change the hedgehog MUST be returned to us. You may not sell or give away your hedgehog! Failure to comply with this condition can result in legal action. While this may sound harsh we do this to ensure that the hedgehog we helped to create is always properly cared for and loved.


If you decide after you get your hedgehog or reserved the hedgehog that it is not the right pet for you please contact me and I will take it and re-home it. Please don’t sell it! I don’t want my babies to end up in the wrong hands. I am only doing this because I want what is best for them and if you care about them you would want what’s best as well.

I will take the hedgehog back at any time but a refund will only be given within 30 days.

Percentage given if the hedgehog is returned within:

  • 7-14 days from the date of purchase NOT date of pickup is 50% minus the deposit.
  • 15-30 days from the date of purchase NOT date of pickup is 25% minus the deposit.
  • After 31 days it is considered a return and no money will be given.
  • NO REFUND on cage setups or cage accessories. Final Sale.


You must bring an appropriate carrier for transporting your hedgehog home. The carrier must snap, zip, or lock closed. I will make no exceptions! If the weather is lower than 25 degrees Celsius, you are required to arrange a car to pick up your hedgehog or my guarantee is void.

DO NOT USE A WIRED CAGE TO HOUSE YOUR HEDGEHOG! If you insist on using one they must be completely lined with choroplast. They will get their little feet stuck in the wires and get hurt! They are dangerous and are intended for rats, mice, hamsters, etc. Not for hedgehogs! Fish aquariums are not appropriate for a hedgehog’s home, they are for fish. There is no air flow in a glass aquarium.

If you agree with our policies and would like to apply to adopt a hedgehog, please fill out the following form here.