Things to watch out for when your Hedgehog is sick:

Posted on: June 10th, 2021 by
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It has come to my attention that this might need to be said especially for first time owners. Hedgehogs hide their diseases really well so pet owners should be very attune to monitoring their weight for their well being.

1. If your hedgehog is sick / lethargic in anyway… its NOT normal if they aren’t eating on their own. Please make sure to WEIGHT them daily to make sure they are staying the same weight or gaining weight. LOSING WEIGHT from being sick is not good and they can pass away easily.

2. Carnivore Care is always a good backup powder supplement for any hedgehog owner. It has long shelf life and is a life saver when you need it. (Always sold out – usually)

3. If your hedgehog suddenly had a change of habit/ritual… when you didn’t change anything inside the cage… wait 1 to 2 days to see if hedgehog goes back to normal. If not and hedgehog gets lethargic – bring to vet asap. Don’t wait!

4. A healthy poop is brown and moist and looks like a toothpaste size. A Green Stool can be a sign of stress in the gastrointestinal system or change of environment/food.

5. When hedgehog starts bleeding in anyway – its an EMERGENCY. Do NOT wait it out or they can pass away easily.

6. A sick hedgehog also do not have a lot of body heat on their body so temperature usually would need to be a bit higher than normal.

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