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Things to watch out for when your Hedgehog is sick:

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It has come to my attention that this might need to be said especially for first time owners. Hedgehogs hide their diseases really well so pet owners should be very attune to monitoring their weight for their well being. 1. If your hedgehog is sick / lethargic in anyway… its NOT normal if they aren’t eating on their own. Please make sure to WEIGHT them daily Continue reading the story "Things to watch out for when your Hedgehog is sick:"

Tenrec Care

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Nutritional requirements for a captive Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec is fairly simple. This is an area that will evolve over time. Good results have been achieved feeding a various mix of dry cat foods, a variety of bugs such as mealworms, wax worms and scrambled eggs. Some folks also feed crickets, cockroaches and hissing roaches. A variety of different foods Continue reading the story "Tenrec Care"

Cage Accessories

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I recommend downloading this informative Hedgehog Book compiled by Kimberly Goertzen. Your one stop source for hedgehog care. This book is available for Direct Download.

Hedgehogs like to burrow and hide. Provide your little friend a cool hideout.

1. Super Pet Igloo:

Hedgehog Snacks/Treats

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Some recommendation for Hedgehog Snacks

Hedgehog Snacks

Nail Trimming

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This seems to be a highly sought after topic especially with first time hedgehog owners.
An average time for trimming hedgehog's nails would be around 3 weeks.
Here are some photos to show you how your hedgehog's nails suppose to look the "normal" way. Always make sure to have kwik stop with you in case of accidents.
Nail TrimContinue reading the story "Nail Trimming"

Bedding and Nesting

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The most important factor is choosing the right kind of Bedding for your Hedgehog.
Now you have to remember, different hedgehogs are different. Some may have skin allergies and some may not. Some people like to use wood shavings versus paper materials or even liners. You would never really know what your hedgehog would react to until you try it.

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Housing your Pet

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Hedgehogs are excellent climbers. They require a cage with no wires to climb on nor wires underneath that might get their feet/neck caught. If using a wired cage refer to this page: Wired Cages

Hedgehogs do not like very big cages UNLESS you add a lot of hiding spot for them. They are prey animals so too big of a Continue reading the story "Housing your Pet"