Available Hedgehogs

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To be put in the waiting list for a hedgehog you must have an adoption application on file as well as placed a $50 non-refundable deposit. There is a 3% fee when sending money through paypal.

Be sure to read the POLICY PAGE in FULL!

Please make sure that you have been APPROVED for an adoption before you put a deposit down.


Due in November ~~ Fully Weaned Around January / February 2021 ~~

Waiting List
1. Sussanah Musselman (Jan/Feb)
2. Amber Kurtz (Jan / Feb)
 3. Alexander Park (Jan/Feb)
4. Jessica Puckrin (Dec/Jan)
5. Nicole Radvar 
6. Ashley Chow-Wun
7. Alex Butler (Adult, January)
8. Stephanie Cox
9. Tracey A.
10. Suzanne Kuss (Boy)
11. Diego Bassini (Adult)
12. Andrew Kay (Light Coloured Boy) 
Alenka x Bernie (Dob: Nov 12, 2020)
Calandra x Rastus (Dob: Nov 05, 2020)
Chia x Serafino (Dob: Nov 05, 2020)
Suri x Oakley (Dob: Nov 05, 2020)
Viena x Hadwin
Lexis x Azarius
Kinsley x Aegeus
Letra x Alto
Belva x Basil
Arianna x Hercules


Available for Reservation

Individual photos will be taken once they hit 2 to 3 weeks old and I will inform the waitlist so they can start choosing in the order of the deposit.

Hestia x Bacchus (B1)
DOB: Sept 19, 2020
Dark Brown Broken Quad
R. for Trevor J.

Hebra x Pazzaz (B2)
DOB: Sept 21, 2020
Dark Brown Full Mask
R. for Katherine B.

Kayana x Balrow (B1)
DOB: Sept 29, 2020
Deep Brown Full Mask

Kayana x Balrow (G1)
DOB: Sept 29, 2020
Oak Brown Quad
R. for Alexandra Z.

Xenia x Basil (G1)
DOB: Sept 30, 2020 Medium Brown Snow Quad
R. for Nicole P.

Xenia x Basil (G2)
DOB: Sept 30, 2020 Dark Brown Snow Quad

Alsie x Evan (G1)
DOB: October 3, 2020 Brown Snow Badger
R. for Andrew U.

Alsie x Evan (G2)
DOB: October 3, 2020 Dark Brown Snow
R. for Tara S.

Euphemia x Bruce (B1)
DOB: October 4, 2020
Oak Brown Quad
R. for Alexander C.

Retired Adults Great For First Time Owners

Legend: [M] – Male. [F] – Female, [EXP] – Experienced Owner Only.

Asteria [F]
DOB: July 2, 2018
Dark Grey Pinto Face Eyeliner
R. for Shawna SP.

Pasha [F]
DOB: April 5, 2019
Dark Grey Mono
R. for Crystal S.

Selene [F]
DOB: June 01, 2018
Grey Snow Single Badger
R. for Kathryn B.