Available African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Posted on: June 26th, 2019 by

To be put in the waiting list for a hedgehog you must have an Application on file as well as placed a $50 non-refundable deposit. There is a 3% fee when sending money through paypal.

Be sure to read the POLICY PAGE in FULL!

Please make sure that you have been APPROVED for an adoption before you put a deposit down.

Waiting List for Upcoming Litters are OPEN.

Upcoming Pairings Oct and will be weaned by middle of Dec / Jan 2024. 

Aggy x Xander

Burnaby x Jet

Kyra x Olaf

Mercia x Tank

Tentative Pairing December 2023:

Avanta x Patrick

Obsidian x Kahoni

Available for Reservation

Individual photos will be taken once they hit 2 to 3 weeks old and I will inform the waitlist so they can start choosing in the order of the deposit. Once all the people on the waitlist have chosen.. they will be first come first serve.

Churroo x Hadwin (B1)
DOB: Aug 3, 2022
Cinnicot PintoFlake
On Hold for Ashley C.

Zircon x Rastus (B1)
DOB: Aug 25, 2022
Dark Grey High PintoFlake
R. for Laura E.

Zircon x Rastus (B2)
DOB: Aug 25, 2022
Dark Brown Quad
R. for Craig B.

Lena x Malachai (B2)
DOB: Nov 22, 2022
Brown Snowflake Tri Mottling
R. for Iris M.

Irissa x Pazzaz (B1)
DOB: Dec 21, 2022
Deep Brown Full Mask
R. for Bailey H.

Irissa x Pazzaz (B2)
DOB: Dec 21, 2022
Deep Brown Quad

Retired Adults Great For First Time Owners

Legend: [M] – Male. [F] – Female. [EXP] – Experienced Owner Only.  [S] – Can Live Solo. [ON HOLD] – Payment Pending.

First Come First Serve

Marco [M]
DOB: July 31, 2020
Dark Brown Full Mask

Lala [F]
DOB: March 21, 2021
Brown Snowflake

Iris [F]
DOB: Aug 16, 2020
Medium Brown Snowflake Tri Raccoon Facial Mark