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Customer Feedback is encouraged (Website or Google).    Please take a moment to comment on my service to you — did I exceed your expectations with respect  to delivery dates, information regarding your hedgehog and of course common courtesy extended to you, my customer.    Let me know how I may better serve my future customers.   Thanks in advance for taking a moment to complete this feedback.


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  1. Merissa Wiser had this to say about that:

    Valerie is absolutely AMAZING! I recently purchased my first tenrec from Valerie and was a bit nervous as I’ve only ever own hedgehogs. She was so open, full of knowledge and made herself available to answer all of my (million) questions in a timely manner. She makes sure that everyone who purchases an animal from her has the proper education and set up before sending them their new baby to ensure all of her hedgehogs and tenrecs go to the best homes.
    It’s very clear that Valerie handles and cares for all of her babies so much, and our girl Penny has the best personality, is so social, trusting, explorative, very snuggly and just so sweet.

    I would recommend Hedgehog Ville to anyone wanting to purchase a hedgehog or tenrec. Valerie will make sure you have all of your questions answered and is available almost any time of day or night to assist you. She is an incredibly nice person and builds relationships with all of her customers. The process of purchasing, shipping and picking up your new pet will be easy and effortless. You will be given a very happy and socialized pet, and you will gain a new human friend in the process!

    Thank you so much, Valerie, for all of your help and for giving us the sweetest addition to our family.

  2. Andrew K had this to say about that:

    Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the founder and owner of Hedgehog Ville, Valerie, and was given a tour of the premises. Valerie herself is articulate and intelligent and obviously an animal lover. The complete basement of her house has been converted to a habitat area, meeting area and office. First thing noticeable is a beautiful custom designed and installed ceiling to floor glass climate controlled environment for the little Nuggets and their parents built strategically regarding the light entering the area from outside. Every area is spotlessly clean including the little habitats for each family of hedgehogs. There is no inbreeding or indiscriminate pairing here! Hedgehog Ville is amongst a group of worldwide recommended breeders and vendors. Meticulous genealogical records are kept for each little Hedgehog. Don’t quote me on this but I think Hedgehog Ville trades Hedgehogs with other HH breeders so there is a wide variety of colours and faces. Hedgehog Ville also breeds for health like straining out cancerous lines. Something I was impressed with that I have seen nowhere else, is you cannot just walk into Hedgehog Ville and walk out five minutes later with an animal. There is an application process, cooling period and legal obligations are stipulated and enforcible for the proper care of the HH by adopting family’s. Hedgehog Ville also carries a wide and varied product line specifically for hedgehogs and now Tenrecs. Prices are reasonable and the merchandise is extremely cute and geared towards hedgehogs health and happiness. Hedgehog Ville is always happy to help out owners with any questions they have about their little buddies. Overall I was so impressed that I would give hedgehog Ville and Valerie an 11/10 for ethics, cleanliness, and outstanding care of her babies, old and young. I had the pleasure of handling a couple of the babies and they were very friendly as each hedgehog is socialized daily, not just left in their habitat until they’re purchased. Hedgehog Ville also hosts a wonderful Spa and Hotel for Hedgehogs whose parents have gone on vacation. Hedgehog Ville is also an invitee to “The Canadian Pet Expo”, “Pet Smart” and “Ren’s Pet Depot” to educate people about Hedgehog ownership and care.

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