Available Tenrecs

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Hermes and Sunset

We are the FIRST breeder in Canada to successfully produce a litter of these amazing animals back in 2020!

Each tenrec depending on color will vary between $1300 to $1500 regardless of gender for the tenrec only. As tenrec genitals are inside their body… the only way to positively identify their gender is through a DNA lab in Europe. This will cost $100 which will be included at the final cost of the animal and is a MUST. Prices are (pre-tax). You will never get a tenrec that is an unknown gender. You will get this certificate with you once we schedule for a pickup.

Being Omnivores, all of our babies are fed with high quality food and a mix of different bugs such as Giant Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Hornworms, Butterworms, Phoenix Worms. In addition, we also feed live or frozen pinkies, fuzzies, quail chicks, quail eggs to ensure the animal you’re getting won’t be very picky and get the most nutrient. All of our feeders are gut loaded and always dusted with calcium powder to prevent Metabolic Bone Disease.

We also offer payment by Instalments if seriously interested.

All Lesser Tenrecs have been reserved. Our next litters would be Summer 2022. 

Sunset x Hermes (Red)
DOB: June 18, 2021
R. for Sophie SH.

Sunset x Hermes (Purple)
DOB: June 18, 2021
R. for Merissa W.

Sunset x Hermes (Green)
DOB: June 18, 2021
Staying Here

Marble x Melvin (Pink)
DOB: June 27, 2021
R. for Jenna P.

Marble x Melvin (Yellow)
DOB: June 27, 2021
R. for Gillian H.W.

Marble x Melvin (Blue)
DOB: June 27, 2021
R. for Paul S.

Deposits are $260 + tax = $293.80 Non-Refundable.


Please make sure you have done your research about these animals and is 100% sure its the right pet for you.

Please make sure to write the application form first and wait for me to contact you back BEFORE you send a deposit.

There is a 3% fee + $1.50 service fee when sending money by PayPal.