Available Tenrecs

Posted on: August 27th, 2020 by

Hermes and Sunset

No available tenrecs right now.
Next litter will be Summer 2021. Each tenrec is $1500 regardless of gender for the tenrec only. As tenrec genitals are inside their body… the only way to positively identify their gender is through a DNA lab in Europe. This will cost $100 which will be included at the final cost of the animal and is a MUST. Prices are (pre-tax). You will never get a tenrec that is an unknown gender. You will get this certificate with you once we schedule for a pickup.

Deposits are $250 + tax = $282.50 Non-Refundable.

1. Rachel Lindsey (Girl)
2. Helen Ho (Boy)
3. Courtney Flaska

Please make sure you have done your research about these animals and is 100% sure its the right pet for you.

Please make sure to write the application form first and wait for me to contact you back BEFORE you send a deposit.

There is a 3% fee + $1.50 service fee when sending money by PayPal.