Carolina Storm Bucket Wheel

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We are proud to offer the Carolina Storm bucket wheel for $40. We are excited to have these fantastic wheels for sale here in Canada. Shipping is Flat rate which pays for the box, shipping with tracking, signature and transportation.
If you live in Toronto, I would recommend to contact me so you can drop by and pick one up instead of getting it shipped.


This custom made bucket wheel is very quiet and easy to clean. It has six height adjustments and can be tilted for desired pitch/angle. The running surface is SAFE, SOLID and SMOOTH for a hedgies tender little feet. The wheel comes in several colors; pink, red, blue, speckled blue, lime and speckled green.

Marshall Litter Pan

Marshall Litter Pan

GLAD pan (discontinued in canada)

GLAD pan (discontinued in canada)



Lime Green

Speckled Blue


Light Blue





The running surface is five and a half inches wide. The diameter of the wheel is ten and half inches. On the lowest possible height setting the wheel is approximately eleven inches tall. On the highest possible height setting the wheel is twelve and half inches tall. The stand is twelve inches wide.

The wheel sits approximately 12 and half inches tall at it’s highest setting.




For cleaning Larry recommend the O-Cel-O Dish wand filled with Ivory Dish Soap. These are both readily available at  Walmart and most local grocery stores. There are many ways to clean the wheel. Be sure not to use anything abrasive for cleaning and please do not get the rollerblade wheel bearings wet while cleaning.

**Photos and information; courtesy to Larry Thomason at Carolina Storm Hedgehogs**


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