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Odors develop from many sources and greatly impact the way you care for your pet. Below are a few of our favorite products that work to eliminate pet odors & keep your pets cage sanitary.

There’s only 2 things I’ve personally tried and gotten positive results so those are the only ones I will post here, bought at ExoticNutrition.com

1. ELIMINA – this product is one of the best odor eliminating formulas you can use (98% success rate).

– safe to use to all kinds of pets (cats, dogs, small animals, skungs, degus, etc).

– works INTERNALLY they said (Personally, I’ve never used it in this situation). I’ve used it to clean their cages/wheels and they are perfect!

– clear and odourless liquid.

I have personally tried using this as a cleaner for my wheels and cages and it works perfectly as well. After washing the wheel with detergent and rinsing it, I would spray some Elimina in it and rinse again. I was ecstatic with the results. 🙂 A MUST buy for those who are concerned about pet odours.

2. PureAyre – something very recent that I have found as well and I find it an awesome product.

– made exclusively with natural plant ingredients and contains no alcohol or live bacteria.

– powerful, safe, and natural NZ technology breaks apart odor molecules on contact.

– a naturally powerfully way to eliminate odours from urine, vomit, fecal matter, bedding, carpet, furniture, stains, etc.

– safe to spray directly at pets.

– veterinarian recommended.

I just started using this product 3 days ago and have found them naturally safe for my herd. The only product that I can spray in the actual bedding itself and I must say I am very happy to be able to find this product for sale. 🙂 I wish that I can buy it here in Canada though.. because I find that shipping is quite expensive. But the product is awesome. Worth to try. 🙂


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