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The most important factor is choosing the right kind of Bedding for your Hedgehog.
Now you have to remember, different hedgehogs are different. Some may have skin allergies and some may not. Some people like to use wood shavings versus paper materials or even liners. You would never really know what your hedgehog would react to until you try it.

Fleece Liners – If you live in a house or own yourself a washing machine, this is probably the best idea for you. They are economical and environmental friendly. It can be reused for years and easy to clean. BUT… you have to sew the fleece EXACTLY to the dimension of your cage. AVOID LINER DIVING. If your hedgehog keeps liner diving.. the hedgehog will always be nervous and be on guard. This can make them really grumpy whenever you pick them up.
For people who live in a dorm or an apartment, it’ll probably be easier to use disposable bedding. Dump the dirty bedding in a garbage and throw it down the chute. Its really your own preference. 🙂
NEPCO Shredded Aspen shavings – Non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is carefully tested, with zero harmful chemicals or toxic oils; virtually dust free, keeping small animals respiratory systems clean and healthy; hypoallergenic for animals with sensitive skin and coats; naturalistic surface allows small animals to easily form burrows and nests; all natural, 100 percent Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Shredded KILN DRIED Aspen

Shredded KILN DRIED Aspen

Kaytee Soft Sorbent Bedding –  soft highly absorbent bedding mixed with a perfect amount of real, aromatic flowers giving your pet’s home a soothing scent. Comes in Natural, Lavender, Mint and Rose. Key features for this product are: 1. controls ammonia 2. helps controls odor 3. great nesting material 4. flushable and compostable.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy – this one I personally use for my herd. My hedgehogs love it as it does not stick in between the quills and skin. It is 20% more absorbent, almost dust-free and odor guaranteed (so long as your hygienic)

**I DO NOT RECOMMEND using ‘Carefresh’. The way its made is very clumpy.. it might be great for animals with furry hair but NOT meant for Hedgehogs. When hedgehogs burrow and make nests… the bedding gets stuck in between the quills and skin and the skin underneath can’t breath. It makes hedgehogs more irritated and the product is so dusty… it might give them respiratory problems in the future. – Just my personal opinon**


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